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Triumphs Bonus

Here is a list of little triumphs that can contribute to your health and wellbeing in a BIG way...we've also added some insightful links from the DŴR founder's blog.

- Try a new vegetable
- Opt for sweet root veggies, fruits, or cane sugar-free fermented foods when you have a sweet craving
Go on a field trip
- Positive affirmations out loud
- Make your bed
​- Dance
Be outdoors for at least one full hour
- Religious or spiritual practice
- Mindful chewing
Exfoliate or hot towel scrub
Lymphatic brushing
- Practice grounding/ earthing: walk on the dirt, grass, or sand barefoot
- Tongue Scraper
- Exercise, 15+ minutes
- Stretch, 5+ minutes
Oil pull
- 7-9 hours of sleep
- Night routine: “feel good” book, art, meal prep, organization, or calming music
- Cook foods on the stove, oven, or a grill (sans microwave)
- Soak your grains and nuts for at least 4 hours
- Meal prep
Closet cleanse
- Pantry cleanse
- Grooming product/ makeup cleanse
- Spring or alkaline water
- Recycle
- Smile at strangers
Hug people
- Forgive someone
- Forgive yourself
Swap annoyance for compassion
- Eat organic, non GMO
- Eliminate alcohol
Eliminate or reduce caffeine
Eat clean, healthy foods
- Eat 60-80% vegetables
- Feed your family healthy choices
- Social media detox
- TV detox

- "Electronic sunset" - turn off your gadgets at sunset

- Wear blue light glasses during screen time (helps with melatonin production/ sleep)
- Break a glass ceiling/ get out of your comfort zone: do something that scares you or something you've always wanted to do 

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