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Kindness Bonus

If you want to embrace your true persona by expressing a characteristic you admire, visualize yourself doing it! Play some uplifting or serene music, lie down, close your eyes, and start a fun film starring you!


Want to be an early riser? Visualize yourself getting up with the sun.  Play out all of the amazing things you’ll experience in that added bonus time.

Are sugary desserts something that holds you back in life? Envision yourself opting for a healthy, deliciously sweet swap and how good you feel when you get a tasty energy boost, without the crash and guilt. (Now, quickly also add something like grapes or keto cookies to your shopping list and tote them around with you when you catch a craving!) 

“Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Focus on what you want, where you are going, and what you are actively creating.” -Les Brown 

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