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Intentions Bonus
  • Noting that this isn’t about changing yourself, but more so honing in on that true authentic self and then allowing your behaviors to reflect this person. 


  • Be mindful of tapping into your soul-centered ideals vs. the societal norms and pressures we've been subjected to. 

 - This not only is important to break toxic thought patterns, but it also increases the value of your motivation and strengthens follow through.​

- Ex: many feel the pressure to lose weight because of social media, magazines, etc. This only triggers unproductive comparisons = low vibration.

- All the while, this goal can also be shifted from ego to high-vibe, soul-centered by simply shifting your perspective that losing weight just so happens to be a happy side effect of eating healthy. So, instead of focusing on weight loss, maybe focus on discovering and integrating new healthy foods into your day.

- When you eat healthy, this improves your brain health, immunity, longevity, energy levels, etc. Nutrients are essential in building healthy cells and tissue. You really are what you eat!

- The other popular perspective shift tool is finding your WHY. Do you have kids or grandkids you want to keep up with? A trip you've always dreamt of that would require a lot of walking? Do you love fashion and want to feel more freedom and confidence while shopping? While this next one might seem low vibe, it's a very common one: does your family have a history of health issues you want to avoid for the sake of your family and finances?

- Beauty is a big one (for men too)-- so, I'm going to elaborate. Are you striving to be fit, alluring, etc. for YOU or because you feel external pressures? As humans, we of course want to make a positive impression with an appealing presence. We all love/ appreciate beauty! But the key is to avoid drumming up oppressive thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs-- which can sometimes happen when we STRIVE to be as attractive as "that person". Try to make the shift to experience improving your appearance/ self as self-honoring vs. self-criticizing.

*Disclaimer: at DŴR, we are all about body positivity and feeling great in your own skin, where you are NOW. That being said, if you have an increased BMI, you're more susceptible to disease, disorder, and symptoms that could steal your energy and longevity. So, by focusing on eating clean, whole, quality foods with high nutrient-density, your health improves which usually results regulated weight and lab panels that confirm your reduced risks. 

Value Clarification Exercise:

First, write a list of all of your ideals, goals, dreams.  What do you see or want to see for yourself?

- Owning a home
- More quality time with family and loved ones
- Starting my own business
- Learn a new language
- Traveling overseas
- Community: being active in social events and volunteering
- Lowering BMI and get out of the obesity range
- Connecting with nature more

Then, write down a list of activities that commonly make up your every day.

What does your typical weekday and weekend consist of?

- Wake up and scroll on social media
- Coffee and watch the Morning Show
- Shower/ brush teeth
- Get the kids ready for school
- Go to work
- Scroll on social media during lunch break, after picking up fast-food
- Pick up dinner after work
- Walk the dog for 15 minutes
- Get kids ready for bed
- Watch TV
- Sleep

- Eating out with friends
- Shopping
- Carpool the kids to their activities
- Errands/ clean house

Now, compare your two lists. How many of your average activities are consistent with the action steps you would need to take in order to reach your ideals, goals, and dreams?
This clarification exercise isn't meant to discourage you, but empower you! Now, if you feel that there are some inconsistencies, select realistic action steps that WILL contribute to your big picture goals. Many of us feel that we don't have the perceived time to do more than what we're already doing. But this might allow you to spot something you could swap or infuse.

Example from the list above:
- Instead of watching TV at night or while you watch, get in a habit of making a healthy lunch for the next day vs. grabbing fast-food. (If it's more about leaving the office than getting the food, you can still take your homemade lunch outside of the office.) 
- During your lunch break, instead of mindless scrolling on your phone, opt for one of the many language classes online or take your lunch to a nearby park and just sit on the grass! 
- During your shower or brushing your teeth, try adding in 30 squats or balancing on your tip toes! 
- While getting the kids ready for school, try enhancing this time by checking in with your kids! See how they're feeling about their upcoming day. Maybe this is an ideal time for a family mantra to recite together! 

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