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Do you want a great source of accountability to FINALLY drink the amount of water that allows your body to function optimally, all packaged in a sleek toxin-free glass bottle, but aren't quite ready to start the in-depth step-by-step DŴR mindfulness program?


While this bottle option doesn't include the QR code decal that connects you to the step-by-step guide for each of these ounce marker prompts, you can still:


  • reap all of the many benefits of drinking half your weight in ounces


  • skip out on all of the hidden chemicals found in plastic and metal bottles, even BPA. Protect your body from BPA's, micro plastics, + heavy metals...hormone and toxin havoc


  • reduce plastic waste


  • enhance your mindfulness throughout your day, surrounding self-care essentials like daily intentions, gratitude, correct posture, and more! 


  • Quit the internal dialogue of "how many glasses have I drank today?", "why is my digestion so sluggish?"... etc!


Bottle B: ideal for those who weigh roughly 170+ pounds.


*Note, this version will not come with a QR code decal or the members-only access to the associated online mindfulness program. If you do end up changing your mind and want to level up and gain access to the program, reach out to and you can purchase for the added $32.


Also, last note, sluggish digestion can usually be helped with proper water consumption, but it might not be the only underlying cause of poor digestion. If you continue to experience this, speaking with a specialist like a functional medicine pratitioner or health coach is a great step 2, if water doesn't cut it.


Want a good Integrative Nutrition Health Coach? Visit


  • 32 Ounce Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid
  • Printed in California
  • 1% of your bottle purchase goes to a non-profit charity.
  • Currently, purchasing a single bottle will mean you are contributing at least 3 meals ​to families in need through Feeding America.​
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